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From Hobby to Career: How Gaming can be Your Path to Success

Jun 30, 2023

Over the past few years, gaming has evolved from a favorite pastime into a viable career.

As one of the biggest gaming markets in the world by revenue and with over 110 million video game players, the Philippines houses a vibrant community of gamers and esports athletes who earn real income through competitions, streaming, and content creation.

What’s more exciting is that the gaming industry provides diverse career paths such as game development, esports, live-streaming, and audio engineering. Gaming can also positively impact cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, creativity, and personal growth, paving the way for other opportunities beyond the gaming world.

If you’re keen to explore a career related to gaming, here are five types of jobs that are worth checking out.

Esports Player

With a vibrant gaming community and a rich esports culture, the Philippines boasts a passionate and dedicated player base that has consistently produced world-class talents, bagging medals and championships across various tournaments, locally and internationally.

If you want to step into the highly competitive arena as an esports athlete, you’ll need to harness certain skills like lightning-fast reflexes, strategic thinking, and teamwork, just like the professional Filipino gamers who have made their mark in the esports scene. Train diligently, challenge yourself against top-notch opponents, and pave your way to becoming a recognized name in the thrilling world of professional esports. 


If you love gaming and content creation, you can merge your passion with the power of entertainment as a streamer. Broadcast your gameplay and showcase your skills, produce interesting tutorials, and engage with your audience to build a vibrant community of followers who’ll excitedly join you in your next gaming adventures.

Game Designer

If becoming an esports player or a streamer doesn’t quite resonate with you, you can make a mark in the thriving gaming industry by bringing your unique ideas to life as a game designer. As gaming continues to grow as an industry around the world, there’s now a massive opportunity to develop new games and experiences for millions of players worldwide to enjoy.

As a game designer, you can unleash your imagination, shape the worlds of virtual characters that gamers will fall in love with, craft captivating narratives, and create new unforgettable gaming experiences. It’s the perfect time to explore the realm of game design!

Audio Engineer

A fantastic game always has a great soundscape. If you’re into audio, you can explore becoming a master of sound design to create mesmerizing sounds and music that breathe life into a game.

As an audio engineer, you hold the power to craft every auditory aspect of a game, from adrenaline-pumping explosions to immersive ambient sounds, and from captivating melodies to memorable soundtracks. Your unique talent will enhance the gaming experience as players are transported into extraordinary worlds.

Software Programmer

The demand for skilled game developers has reached new heights as the gaming industry becomes more and more competitive. As a software programmer, you’ll be at the forefront of turning raw ideas into immersive realities, using your problem-solving skills to write lines of code that serve as the backbone for highly engaging gameplay and seamless user experiences. You’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with talented artists, designers, programmers, and even esteemed game studios.

With the gaming industry’s growth, there’s no doubt you can find a place as a successful professional in the thriving world of gaming. To embark on this exciting journey, immerse yourself in the latest game development technologies, hone your gaming skills through practice and perseverance, and connect with like-minded individuals in the vibrant gaming community. 
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