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Workation Is Here to Stay: Reasons to Love and What to Consider When You Plan a Workation

Apr 07, 2022

The work-from-anywhere trend continues to grow and develop into remote working while traveling or workation. The concept of workation is not entirely new. Many people around the world were already ‘Digital Nomads’ who had long set a working-from-anywhere trend. Now that remote working is normal, you might consider taking a workation as travel restrictions ease. After years of working from home, it is time to explore the world again while making the most out of your work life and leisure.

Let’s explore reasons you would love workation and what to consider when planning a trip!

Reason to Love Workation

  • Boosts your creativity

Workation lets you leave everyday noise behind to find peace of mind and broaden your experience. Changing the environment encourages you to see things from a different perspective and find new materials to develop your creative abilities. When you want to think outside the box, it’s a good idea to change up your routine.

  • New networking opportunities

One way to think of workation is as an opportunity to meet new people and grow your professional network, as many workation destinations are communities of digital nomads that you could join. It is easier to find a new connection in a casual setting where everyone tends to be more relaxed and more approachable. You will be encouraged to talk to and relate to strangers who could be your industrial peers, and professional opportunities might occur in the most unlikely places.

  • Longer vacation

Extending your trip should be easier when you can work from anywhere. You can strategize a workation trip to make the most of your precious days off and enjoy your time away. For example, you can go on a trip for a whole week with 3 days of workation and the rest is your actual time off instead of spending just a few days for your vacation and hurrying back to work.

Things to Consider When Planning a Workation

  • Practicality

Many people can get their work done anywhere with just one solid laptop. Still, workers who need a complete set of equipment and instruments might find workation hardly achievable. Most workers can have a practical workstation with essential equipment and instruments at home. Thus, working from home is more practical and better to maintain their work efficiency.

  • Challenge to find a workation-friendly destination

Your productivity can be decided by where you choose to spend your workation. The first thing to consider when planning your workation is to find a workable place. Electricity, stable internet connection and proper workspace are among the top priorities that filter out many destinations. It’s also important to consider how you will be traveling to your workation destination. Longer trips and multiple transfers will tire you out from the beginning, and you will get back home even more exhausted.

  • Drawing the line between work and leisure

Discipline is still crucial in order to enjoy the many benefits of workation. Yes, you can definitely spend the afternoon chilling at the beach; provided you manage your time, finish your work and leave it behind. It takes constant practice and self-awareness to achieve the perfect workation schedule and maximize the situation, but the benefits far outweigh the cons. And once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to enjoy your well deserved rest in your dream destination!

Workation is not a faux vacation. The essence of workation is to enjoy life while maintaining your productivity. A successful workation trip requires a practical plan to structure your schedule that balances your work times and leisure activities. By adopting a proper workation, you can remain professional at work and live the best life you deserve!

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