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5 Unspoken Rules of Gaming Events

Oct 21, 2022

Gaming is flourishing in the Philippines, and it’s great to see gaming conventions coming back to face-to-face setting keep the momentum. Now thousands of gamers, enthusiasts and cosplayers can come together again to these large fairs to bond with like-minded people, meet and greet influencers, learn something new and, of course, have fun.

But to make sure everybody will have a great time, there are some important unspoken rules or etiquette that every attendee must follow. Here are some of them.

Dress appropriately 

There isn’t a strict dress code at gaming events, and people usually just dress casually. However, it’s best to wear something comfortable, especially if you’re planning on participating in activities. Gaming events also tend to be packed, so it’ll be easier to move around and navigate the crowds if your clothes are comfortable.

If you are a cosplayer, make sure to follow the event organizer’s rules and get approval for your props and the costume you’ll be wearing. Generally, organizers don’t allow real weapons or replicas for safety reasons.

Avoid offensive language or humor

Like other public events, gaming conventions are meant to be fun and safe. So whether you are an attendee, influencer, a player or panelist, be mindful of what you say when chatting with people, playing a game or trying to entertain. There are infinite ways to have fun without hurting anyone’s feelings. Make the best of the event by ensuring no one’s fun is ruined.

Ask before taking people’s photos 

If you want to take a photo or shoot a video of a celebrity, cosplayer, fellow attendee or an influencer, always ask for permission first. If they say yes, make sure to make it brief and move aside so you don’t block the walkway. You should also ask your subjects if you intend to post their photos or videos later. In addition, obey the rules if certain areas of the convention prohibit cameras or video equipment.

Come prepared if you’re playing in a competition

A key to acing a match is always having adequate preparation. If you are planning on participating in a competition, you should have a certain level of familiarity and competence with the game. Constantly asking for rules or clarifications or being indecisive during the competition might impact the game and bring down the mood for both players and the audience. And in case things don’t go your way, be a good sport.

Bring your gaming essentials 

Gaming conventions are great opportunities to not only strike conversations with fellow gamers and enthusiasts but also show off your gaming skills and equipment. It’s therefore important to bring with you your own gear such as your laptop, headphones, VR headset or game console or controller to make the most of the event. 

Gaming conventions are a wonderful place to get together with people that share your passion and make new friends. Just go with the flow and be a little more considerate of other people so everyone can have a great experience!

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