Photography is among the careers that you really need to have passion in order to be successful. If you are looking for a role model to look up to, Dookie Ducay @dookieducay is the one you can. He believes that collaboration with good artists will allow having liberty in creating very interesting images.

When passion becomes actual

Dookie’s inspiration roots from film, music, and nature. Test shoots are the perfect time for him to experiment with photography and transform his inspiration into reality.

His 5 years goal is to continue honing his skills and craft. However, what is most important for him is to pass on knowledge to the younger generation. Apart from photographing, Dookie is also passionate about fitness. So, he has to make sure working out is in his routine, at least five times a week.

A Technology to power your passion

Technology has truly revolutionized the way photographers do their work nowadays. Thanks to many innovative applications and added features of the devices, Dookie can save so much time. With the use of gadgets like laptops, cellphones, and, of course, cameras, he is able to create work of art in a matter of hours or sometimes even minutes. 

Apart from cameras, a reliable laptop is needed to accomplish his work. Especially when Dookie works as a photographer, he has to do multitasking. It is of utmost importance for him to have a really good screen resolution and processor that can handle all of his tasks.That’s why Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is attractive to him. The built-in sensor allows opening the lid and powering up in milliseconds. Its 4k Ultra HD+ delivers precise detail and sharp images, a stunning HDR 400 certified display provides more depth and dimension than ever before. An Eyesafe® display of this XPS is made for reducing harmful blue light and dispersing it across the light spectrum when he needs to work on editing photography for long hours. A crystal-clear InfinityEdge display offers enjoyable entertainment. A tablet with a pen is very important for retouching in photoshop. Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is with Premium Active Pen, so he can easily draw in a low log movement.  And the best thing is, 11th Generation Intel® “Tiger Lake” processor powering this laptop. 

Advice you couldn’t miss

Dookie also shared some essential keys to be successful in this industry. Relatability to trends is so important. Anyway, he suggests not to compare yourself to the competition around you, whether they’re doing better than you or not. Dookie advises focusing on yourself to keep on improving.

For anyone who is having a hard time juggling multiple tasks, Dookie said it’s all a matter of prioritizing. Be reminded of what is the most urgent task. Then, it will be easier to list the things you need to do.

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